Cuando los Disfraces se Cuelgan (When Disguises are Hung Up)

  • 56 minutes, no intermission
  • 7 dancers, 2 technicians

In their celebrated full length work, Delfos examines the masks we wear to survive, to love, and to endure in a world that seems never to want us to remove our masks.  

The choreography is impressive in the way that Delfos is deeply exploring and questioning one’s daily life. The audience was immersed in the work via the interpretative power of the dancers, along with real-time video, computer animation, and a haunting score.  It was a well-deserved extended standing ovation for When Disguises are Hung Up at the premiere.

— Héctor Guardado, Noroeste. Mazatlán-Sinaloa


Visiones Insondables (Unfathomable Visions - excerpts from Delfos 20th Anniversary Performance)

  • 1 hr. 10 minutes, 10 minute intermission
  • 8-9 dancers, 2 technicians

Delfos presents Visiones Insondables, a program consisting of 6 short pieces created by Claudia Lavista, Víctor Manuel Ruiz, Omar Carrum and Xitlali Pina

In Delfos we can see flourishing and manifest talent.

— Patricia Cardona, Uno más Uno, México

Consagración de La Primavera/Bolero  (The Rite of Spring/Bolero)

  • 35 minutes
  • 8 dancers, 2 technicians

Delfos Danza Contemporanea  joins in the celebration of the 100th birthday of the emblematic work of Starvinsky's Rite of Spring with  premiere staging of an intriguing, contemporary production that showcases physical and emotional daring.

15 minute intermission


  • 15 minutes
  • 9 dancers, 1 technician

The Delfos Bolero has received praise from audiences and press since it premiered at the International Cervantino Festival in 2009 and, in 2010 won the Prize as the best work at the “Cervantino International Festival, A Desert for Dance.”

With the Rite of Spring, the Delfos dancers chose an avant-garde approach with their bodies, their costumes, their staging.  All of their movements deliver a breathtaking performance. Everything is at risk; the tension is palpable. This “theater of bodies” is a daring performance—it is an unforgettable experience.

— Pablo Espinosa, La Jornada, México

With Ravel´s Bolero, Delfos resolved a huge challenge: simply, the pleasure of doing it. Playfulness, clear ideas and grand eloquence.  Delfos’ presentation was a resounding success;  efficient, plausible and suitable.

— Pablo Espinosa, Uno mas Uno, México


De la luz a la sombra (From Light to Shadow)

  • 1 hour 15 minutes, 1 intermission
  • 8-9 dancers, 2-3 technicians


Inspired by the poetry of Vladimir Nabokov, From Light to Shadow, is a program made up of four pieces that find space in a nocturnal form.  Immersed in a nocturnal state, Delfos presents works Omar Carrum, Víctor Manuel Ruiz and Claudia Lavista.

Delfos is now moving into the highest levels of contemporary dance in Mexico and Latin America.

— Rosario Manzanos, Proceso Magazine, Méxic

Rincones de Luz (Corners of Light)

  • 1 hr. 10 minutes, 1 intermission  
  • 8 dancers, 2 technicians

This evening-length work is composed of five pieces choreographed by Víctor Manuel Ruiz, Claudia Lavista, Omar Carrum and Xitlali Piña. Each of these dances takes its inspiration from the words of Mexico’s most famous poet, Octavio Paz.


Corners of Light was the most well-received program at the Festival Internacional Cervantino and is one of the best productions that Delfos has made in a long time.

-Rosario Manzanos, Proceso Magazine, México

En Algun Lugar (Somewhere)

  • Proceso Magazine / Rosario Manzanos
  • 10 dancers, 1 director, 1 technical
  • Running time: 50 minutes
  • No intermission

A piece for both children and families that combines dance, puppetry and theater and animation
portraying the reality of street children in Mexico and Latin America. We experience the vision of
those who suffer this social phenomenon in daily life and how they reinvent a magical university
through their imagination and creativity.

"... Somewhere is a unique visual experience ... Each detail, from their costumes made of
newspapers, the characters emerged from the trash and of course, dance ... Alucinante"

Interdisciplinary project of international collaboration

Proa is an interdisciplinary work (dance and music) that addresses the theme of migration. Its trajectory portrays the adventures of travel, encounters, losses, effort, until the arrival at an impenetrable wall that breaks through empathy, the recognition of the human, and the encounter with the other. It thus addresses political and social events of great relevance in today’s humanity.

PBS Interview with Claudia Lavista/Entrevista a Claudia Lavista/InContext

We started to build a dance center, a whole community around it and got the support of the government, the city, and the people who live here...I think they like to have dancers all over the place.

— Claudia Lavista

Delfos demo 25th Anniversary

Habitat demo

Delfos’s outreach work with youth in building self esteem through dance and community.